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ASAP/Cancellation Policy
In order to accommodate the needs of our diverse cliental, Aviation Services Network does our best to fulfill ASAP orders. To alleviate any problems in regards to billing of items because a flight has been missed due to the limited time frame listed below is a link to our ASAP policy.

In addition, listed below is also a link to Aviation Services Network’s cancellation policy. To alleviate any confusion with our cancellation policy we have outlined the time frame in which orders must be cancelled.

Out of Network Caterers
In additions to the locations where our contracted caterers are located, ASN has broadened our services to include Out of Network caterers. This added feature allows our clients to request catering at locations where ASN does not have a contracted affiliate. After receiving an Out of Network request, our experienced ASN customer service representatives research and locate a caterer to fulfill your dining needs. With this new ordering alternative, Aviation Services Network strives to meet the needs of all our clients dining needs.

Placing Orders with Aviation Services Network
Once becoming a client of Aviation Services Network, orders can be received by ASN via our customized computer program. In addition your catering orders can also be faxed or placed over the phone with a member of our customer service team. In order to ensure quality, clients will be faxed/emailed a copy of their order confirmation.

Auditing Process
The group of caterers associated with ASN undergoes a rigorous auditing process to ensure quality and consistency of products. Each caterer must maintain specific facility conditions, licenses, insurance and liability policies and food safety certifications.
Random spot-check inspections of affiliated caterers by ASN take place to ensure that all of the specific criteria required are being met.

Menu Design
Aviation Services Network provides menu design and implementation for both crews and passengers. Menu design can be frustrating when simultaneously scheduling or arranging the multiple details of a flight. Considering the many factors that go into planning each flight individually, our superior customer service staff will handle special menu requests such as dietary restrictions, religious affiliations, and allergies. Take advantage of our expertise in menu design and contact us for sample menus for your company.

Pricing and Cost Savings
A regulated pricing structure has been established in each market to minimize inconsistent and inflated spending, resulting in a bottom line savings. All prices are negotiated, agreed upon and audited from the beginning in each market. All prices will be agreed upon with a 2 year contract.

A completely customized software program has been created for ASN to reduce the amount of time and energy utilized when processing endless catering invoices from around the country.  This eliminates business aviation professionals the obligation of day-to-day catering issues in order to concentrate on the core business of safely transporting passengers.  For the convenience of Aviation Services Network clients, ASN distributes invoices twice a week.  Constantly trying to accommodate our customer's needs, we at ASN understand the importance of distributing invoices in a timely matter and work hard on a daily basis to achieve this feat for our valued clients.

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